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Commercial Appraisal Fees (page down for Residential fees)

Narrative & Form Appraisal Reports ( Commercial, Industrial, Apartments, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Special Use Property, Vacant Land, Large Acreage Parcels)

  • Restricted Appraisal Report (Limited or Expanded Scope of Work)-
    ( Fees start at $595 to $1,995 & up Call for Quote )
    Fees are  based upon complexity of the assignment )
    (Typically 5 - 25 pages) Can include a desk top analysis, drive-by or full on site inspection cataloging property characteristics, photographs, and the opinion of value.  It can be expanded into an summary appraisal report at a later date. This type of report is Restricted for sole & exclusive use of the client. The client is defined by USPAP as "the party or parties who engage an appraiser in a specific assignment. (The client may be an individual, group, or entity acting together for one purpose). Can be used for buy or sell decisions, lease option to purchase, loan, determining a selling or listing price, first step in determining how to proceed in a litigation matter, lender internal use, fire & flood damage insurance claims internal use, and other limited client intended uses. Not to be used for litigation, IRS tax compliant valuations and other situations as determined by the scope of work, intended use and client. Reserach data and full methodology is retained in the appraisers work file. Fees depend on scope of work, complexity and difficultly of the assignment, property type, location, and other factors. 
  • Appraisal Report - (Limited or Expanded Scope of Work)  (Call for Quote)
    (Starting at $2,000 & up depending on the scope of work and complexity of assignment) 
    (Typically 25 - 75 pages). Typically, includes an on site inspection, photographs of the subject & comps, market trends and conditions, zoning, highest & best use, three approaches to value, if applicable. Typically used by owners, lenders, developers, estate tax, attorneys, and can be used for IRS depending on the level of detail). Fees depend on complexity and difficultly of the assignment, property type, location, and other factors.
  • Self Contained Appraisal Report - (Call for Quote starting at $3,500 & up) 
    (Typically 60 - 200 page Narrative report). Typically used by lenders, developers, governmental agencies, complex IRS issues, forensic research, expert witness, and litigation. Fees depend on complexity and difficultly of the assignment, property type, location, and other factors. 
  • Forensic Appraisal Reports prepared under IRS Real Property Valuation Guide Lines for litigation typically require additional documentation. Fees are by quote starting at $2,500 and up depending upon the complexity and difficultly of the assignment and the property type. See below for engagement and cancelation policy.

    Commercial Form Appraisal Reports - UCIAR - 71B & 71A (Short & Long Form)
    Acceptable to lenders in many cases and can be used in non-complex IRS Valuations with appropriate narritive addendum documentation to comply with IRS Real Property Valuation Guide Lines.

UCIAR Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Form Reports - Commercial & Industrial Properties 
15 to 30 pages - Fees starting at $1,500 & up depending on scope of work short or long form, complexity and difficultly of the assignment, property type, location, fee simple, leased fee, leasehold, and other factors. See below for engagement and cancelation policy.

Apartments                      4-Page 71B Form                    8-Page 71A Form
5-12 Units                        $950 & up                                   N/A
13-25 Units                      $1,500 & up                           $1,995 & up
25-60 Units                      $1,900 & up                           $2,375 & up

Form Reports - Single Family Residences Home & 2-4 Units
(Non-Standard or Custom Homes CALL FOR QUOTE) Fees - fees are based upon the difficulty of the assignment and the surrounding average neighborhood price range for a particular neighborhood. Fees are not based upon the value of the subject property. The listing of average neighborhood price range stated below is only used as a cursory guide and is one of many factors used to determine the difficultly of an assignment. Properties that are considered complex properties are more difficult and require more time and therefore a quote. ** Los Angeles Turnaround times start from inspection date are not guaranteed and can vary depending upon work load. See below for engagement and cancelation policy. We cover Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County.

  • Rush fees for California residential real estate - Same Day add $300.00 & up
  • Rush fees for residential real estate  - 24hrs add $200.00 & up
  • Travel time for distant county locations add $25.00 & up

    Standard Fees for Single Family Residences & 2-4 Units
  • $350 & up O.C.
    $400 & up LA,Riv,SD,SB,V


  • Standard Tract Homes
  • $350 & up

  • Over 2,500 sf 
  • $450 & up

  • Custom Homes
  • $550 & up

        Luxury Homes

    Call for Quote

  • Old Form 2055
  • Interior/Exterior/wskt 
  • over call for quote
  • $325 & up

  • Form 2055 Exterior Only
  • $350 & up

  • Form 2070 or 2075
  • Exterior
  • $150 & up

  • Form 2070 or 2075
  • Interior
  • $195 & up

  • Rental Survey Form 1007 & Form 216 Income Expense w/Appraisal
  • $100 & up

  • Rental Survey Form 1007 & Form 216 Ordered Separate from Appraisal
  • $300 & up

  • Income & Expense Form 216 Order Separate
  • $100

    FNMA Form 1025
    2 Units Interior & Exterior 

    3 Units Interior & Exterior

    4 Units Interior & Exterior

    $595 & up

    750 & up

    $850 & up

  • ERC Relocation Appraisal
  • $650 & up

  • Form 442 Completion Ctr
  • $125 & up

  • Update w/o Comps
  • $150 & up

  • Update w/Comps
  • $275 & up

  • AVM Desk Review
  • $125

  • AVM Field Review Exter
  • $350


    Form 71b 5-12 Units

    Form 71A 13+ Units


    Call for Quote

    $1,300 & up

    $1,750 & up

    Call for Quote

  • Industrial
  • Call for Quote

    Field Review Up to 2,500 sf 

    over 2,500 sf

    $350.00 & up


  • Desk Review
  • $150 & up

  • Special Use Properties
  • Call for Quote

  • FHA
  • $450

    Expert Witness Designation Fee


    Signed Declaration Fee


    Expert Witness Testimony(see Expert Witness section)

                            $200 - $295 per hour   


  • By the use of this web site you agree to the terms and conditions stated herein and as follows:

  • **These properties typically include; 2nd story room additions, major remodeling, non-typical homes for the area, larger than typical lot sizes, non typical view properties for a particular neighborhood, older properties located in areas with new custom homes or vise versa, etc. uses licensed trainee's, licensed appraisers, MAI candidates, SRA, MAI, SRPA, ASA certified appraisers, and in some instances non-licensed individuals in the preparation of appraisal reports. The individual appraiser may or may not be approved for a particular lending institution. If the client requires an approved appraiser for a particular lender it must be stated in the appraisal request at the time the order is placed. Additional fees may apply for distant areas or supervisory physical inspection of the subject property by an approved appraiser for a particular lender.

  • Cancelation Policy - Payment for real estate appraisal services must be made at the time of engagement by personal check, cash, money order, or if by credit card at the time you place your order by clicking on Order An Appraisal and the Buy Now button. There are no cancelations after the appraiser has performed research and analysis on the assignment. Any cancelations prior to the start of research and analysis are subject to cancelation fees including contract administration fee and set up fees. Any authorized refund will be subject to charges and fees based upon hourly rates for work completed including, phone consultations, preliminary or actual research, analysis of the data, data access fees, subcontractor fees, labor charges, copies, document review and or preparation, travel charges, waiting and standby fee, and other charges may apply. Fees for supervisory physical inspection by an approved appraiser for a particular lending institution after an appraisal report has already been prepared start at $150.00 and go up depending on the level of the appraiser i.e. senior vs. general staff and the location and complexity of the subject property.

  •  In regards to lender work. may not be approved for all lending institutions and we do not guarantee that we are approved for a particular client listed on this web site or that a particular lender will accept our appraisal report. It is the clients responsibility to contact the lender or institution in question to determine if or a staff member of AV is on the approved appraiser list prior to placing an order for an appraisal. Many lenders do not have an approved appraiser list and only require a licensed or certified appraiser sign as supervisory appraiser. From time to time we use licensed trainee's and non licensed individuals to assist in the preparation of appraisal reports. Therefore, it is the clients responsibility to inquire as to who will be signing the report prior to placing the order. It is also the clients responsibility to submit our qualification for approval to the lender in question prior to ordering an appraisal. No guarantees are made that we are approved with any lender as lenders change their lists from time to time. We may be approved for many lenders however the lender may only require a faxed copy of an updated license, E & O insurance, or updated resume. We will cooperate with the client by providing the client with our qualifications to any lender in question. No refunds will be made if in the event the appraiser signing the report is not an approved real estate appraiser with the clients lender. The above is not a complete list of fees or services we provide. Please contact us if the service you need is not listed for Los Angeles County or any other county.

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